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We are a team of educators dedicated to helping change the world of education for tomorrow's leaders. We believe we can grow the best leaders of tomorrow by helping teach today's self-starters.

We offer services for instructional coaching and lesson planning.

With our continued coaching model, we help teachers reach their goal of becoming classroom ready and possibly even certified teachers.

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Empowering students, parents, teachers and administrators through new educational structures that create future leaders instead of workers. We avoid creating followers by developing the skills necessary for the future leaders and self starters of the 21st century.

Growing tomorrow’s communities one leader at a time!

Restructuring community environments by developing mindsets to believe anyone can achieve anything through effective planning, preparation and execution.

Our Founders

Melissa Franklin IMG_0523.jpg

Melissa Franklin

As a former educator and leader, I spent years in classrooms and schools trying to adjust and work with a very dysfunctional education system.


Marcus Steves

After struggling as a young teacher, I found my success through the quality coaching I received. My wish is to help bring this coaching model to educators experiencing the same difficulties I did.

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Structure Innovations

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