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Structure Innovations Education works toward the day where every child is a leader and self starter. We find and nurture their currents leaders and teachers who commit to our coaching program. Through our scholarship opportunities for educators, we begin with college age tutors and mold them into the educators needed for the ultimate classroom success.

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Tutorial Program:

Structured & Smiling
Academic Support

Your child will receive the tailored curriculum they need at Structure Innovations Education. We've mastered a highly individualized approach, adjusting programs to meet the unique math demands of your child. We offer everything from help with homework and study skills to exam preparation.


The level of confidence in your child will soar! You'll soon notice your child smiling more and also under much less stress at home.

Pre-Teacher Development &

Employment Opportunities:

SI Education Teacher Corp

Our SI Education Teacher Corp Program is an opportunity for college juniors and seniors to earn extra money, as well as develop classroom management skills. Corp members are also eligible for scholarship opportunities towards continued teacher development, employment search, and certifications.

College Library

Continued Teacher Development &

Curriculum Support:

Instructional Coaching & Training Programs

Teacher retention rates are at the lowest we've seen in decades due to the COVID pandemic. We offer classroom management trainings to help ease the stress and gaps experienced from the reality of unfinished learning in previous school years.

Whether you're a first year teacher, developing teacher, or a teacher needing additional support with classroom management, our training and curriculum programs can help you ensure classroom success.

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