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​Continued Teacher Development
Curriculum Support

Our Curriculum Design

Professional Educational Consulting

One of our founders, Melissa Franklin, began with the objective of providing Texas teachers with high-quality, practical professional development. Her own teaching experience within Texas schools inspired the approach. Ms. Franklin achieved pass rates of 93 percent and mastery rates well over 60 percent on the Texas standardized exams at a campus in south Texas using researched-based instructional techniques for instructional engagement, as well as a thorough understanding of the breakdown of TEKS. These remarkable levels of accomplishment were sustained throughout her teaching tenure.

Ms. Franklin continued to help teachers across Texas continue to grow and develop by providing high-quality training on the meaning of each student expectation listed in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), as well as proven instructional strategies for teaching each of these skills.

Ms. Franklin continued to dedicate herself to learning how each skill would be assessed on the state assessment tests up through the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®). This knowledge has proven extremely useful in predicting how TEKS skills will be assessed on the state assessments, including STAAR, and has become an integral component of her professional development. The purpose of each professional development session is to help teachers ensure that every one of their students achieves mastery of the STAAR® test.

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Our Coaching Design

Instructional Coaching & Trainings

Soon after launching our parent company, Structure Innovations, Ms. Franklin was asked by other professionals for continued help and services. Along side our other founder, Ambitious Success, Structure Innovations Education, LLC. was launched and began building a team of writers dedicated towards helping other educators across the state of Texas. S.I. Education continued to grow, in order to provide campuses with resources and assistance.


Our team began development of practice test items at the request of teachers who had benefited from her training sessions. Our materials were created with the intention of successfully mimicking content on the actual STAAR® test and avoiding over alignment. S.I. Education is proud to be presently developing a variety of mathematical tools for Texas instructors.


In addition to professional development and materials, S.I. Education offers model lessons, proven strategies, and intervention programs that have helped schools increase test scores by up to 40 percent.


We have a vision of one day having our curriculum in schools across Texas. We hope to alleviate the pain and struggle of having to focus on simply teaching to a test and having to cut corners in quality instruction, as well as provide valuable learning opportunities and ensure a continued love of teaching.



Straight from the Source

As a master teacher at IDEA there comes a point where I want to get better as a teacher but don't know what I can work on classroom wise.


My coaching sessions with Ms. Franklin opened a whole new world of things I can improve on as a teacher and challenge myself to continue to not only enjoy my job but give my students the educator they deserve. 


Rene Garces
Alg. I & II Teacher
Course Leader
Master Teacher

Ms. Franklin is the best coach for teaching that I have every had. I learned the best from her when I saw her teach in person. She has so many tools that you can use while you are presenting your lesson.


The best one I learned from her is to be tough on the students but let them know that, I as a teacher, are pushing you in a positive direction. When students know that you want them to be a better student then they were yesterday.


Now that becomes the best group of students to teach. 


John Kruciak
Alg. I & II Teacher


I’m excited to be a part of the program. I had my coach stop by my class and help me

adjust my lessons.

I’ve struggled with one class for 3 weeks and this week, we actually got through the entire lesson!


In just one day, we already have less behavior issues, higher student engagement, and the kids are excited to learn again.

Analisa Esther
5th Grade Social Studies
6/7 Hybrid Humanities
2022-2023 Corps Member


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